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Parent Information

Parents and children are encouraged to visit our center before enrollment. During this visit, parents may tour the center with the Program Director, observe our staff and learn about our programs. Visiting the center gives you and your child an opportunity to get acquainted with the center, and will give us the opportunity to get to know you better.

Daily contact between parent and teacher is an important part of our child care program. By sharing information about your child’s activities, we can work together to meet your child’s needs. Parents of infants and preschoolers will receive daily written notices describing special happenings during your child’s day, and telling you about your child’s food intake, elimination, sleeping pattern and general behavior. If there has been an unusual or special circumstance during the day, this information shall be passed on to the parent(s) verbally or in a written note.

Parents will be regularly informed of the program’s plans through posted weekly lesson plans and menus. Parent participation and observation is encouraged. Parents who have a child enrolled in the program may visit anytime during the hours of operation. If you wish to join your child for lunch, please let your child’s teacher know the day before. Parents are encouraged to share their time and talents with the children and program. We welcome and invite your suggestions and participation in events and activities.

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